Tuesday, December 9, 2014

BirdTrax Google Gadget

The gadget below should show a list of species that have been reported to eBird within the Tucson Valley CBC within the past 2 weeks.

It looks like the number it calculates is using some sort of faulty formula. When I copy and paste the list into an Excel file, it adds up to 154 species, while BirdTrax had calculated 173. Of course there are several species in the circle which haven't been eBirded, especially those from the highest elevations in the circle (Brown Creeper, Yellow-eyed Junco, Steller's and Mexican Jays, Golden Eagle).

The only owl is Great Horned, and there are certainly many Western Screech and a Barn or two in the circle. Anyone know of Burrowing Owls? Notably missing is Loggerhead Shrike! We missed shrike for the first time just four years ago. Last year we only had 2.

BirdTrax is certainly a fun tool, but the total we have at the end of this coming Sunday will still be a surprise.

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