Friday, December 14, 2012

Area Assignments for Sunday, December 16, 2012

Of course, there are always last minute changes – cancelations, friends who were invited but couldn't confirm until the day before. No worries – we'll all have fun.

Here's how it looks as of tonight, a day and a half before the count:

Area Asssignments for Tucson Valley CBC 2012

1. SCR W – Orange Grove to Crossroads
Andrew Core
Julie Michael
Craig Marken
Wanda Wynne
Laura LePere
Brad Paxton

2. Santa Cruz River West – Sunset Road
Philip Kline
Parth Nagarkar
Alexander Baish
John Mitchell
Tim Helentjaris
Ries Lindley
Cathy Rowlette
Gay Gilbert

3. Santa Cruz River West – Columbus Park and Sweetwater Preserve
Rick Taylor
Susan Kozacek
Janine Spencer
Peter Bengtson

4. Santa Cruz River West – Silverbell Recharge Basins to Tucson Mountain Park
Gavin Bieber
Art Schaub
Chris Bedwell
Crystal Bedwell
Kate Reynolds

5. Santa Cruz River – Rio Vista to Starr Pass
Susan Birky
Bill Birky
Judy Edison
Tina Eggert
Sheryl Kistler
Joyce Lebowitz
Robert Payne

6. Santa Cruz River – Sentinel Peak and A Mountain
Janine McCabe
Norma Miller
Lorry Wendland

7. Santa Cruz River East – North of Ina and Arthur Pack
John Williams
Floyd Gray
Mark Cocker
Lois Cocker
Lindsey Chadwick
Margaret Snyder

8. Santa Cruz River East – Mouth of Cañada del Oro
Keith Kamper
Kendal Kroesen

9. Santa Cruz River East – Mouth of Rillito
Larry Norris
Matt Griffiths
Brian Walsh
Pam Baum

10. Santa Cruz River East – Roger Road WRF and Flowing Wells
Roger Tess
Bill Howard
Michael Bissontz

11. Santa Cruz River East – Sweetwater Wetlands to Jacobs Park
Chris Benesh
Deb Finch
Yue Max Li
Kathy Fullin
Jean Clark

12. Omni Golf Course
Lorel Picciurro
Gary Bedore
Mary Bedore
Sharon Long
Kathy Olmstead
Cynthia Pruett
Janet Reue

13. Oro Valley and Pusch Ridge
Alice Farley
Tom Farley
Bob Bowers
Prudy Bowers
Mary Ellen Flynn

Pusch Peak
Greg Greene
Cat Greene
Kimberly Aikins
Vernie Aikins

14. Pima Canyon to La Encantada
Thomas Staudt
Paul Suchanek
Michael S. Smith
John Scheuring

15. Mount Kimball and Upper Finger Rock and Pima Canyons
Rich Hoyer
Andrew Broan

16. Finger Rock and Pontatoc Canyons to La Paloma
Jenise Porter
Deborah Vath
Bev Prentice Robertson
Andy Robertson
Laura Stewart
Scott Olmstead

17. Ventana Canyon
Lynn Hassler
Myrna Beards
Sharon Goldwasser

18. Casas Adobes to Tohono Chul
Jim Hays
Mark Ochs
Barbara Gates
Shirley Piplani

19. Catalina Foothills
Robert Merideth
Liz Payne
Susan Randolph
Linda Stitzer

20. Columbus Rd Weed Patch and Rillito from Craycroft to Alvernon
Karen Nickey
Mary Klinkel
Fred Heath
Sharon Overstreet
Mary Kay Eiermann

21. Evergreen, Holy Hope and Rillito from First to Oracle
Clait Braun
Don Radovich
John Reuland

22. U of A Farm and Rillito from Campbell to First
Thomas Rehm
Carol DeWaard
Kathie Brown
Chris Rohrer

23. Winterhaven and Rillito from Alvernon to Campbell
Larry Liese
Paul Kaestle
Karen Hochgraf
Kathy Mashar

24. University of Arizona to Miramonte
Brett Wilmore
Brian Gibbons
Peg Wilmore
Miriam Weber

25. Reid Park to Downtown
Jake Mohlmann
Peggy Franklin

26. Randolph Golf Course and Reid Park Zoo to Midtown
Will Russell
Beth Russell
Cathy Beck

27. Pantano and Tanque Verde Washes
Reid Freeman
Richard Wilt
Peter Salomon
Richard Carlson
Brian Nicholas

Feeder Watchers
Shirley Davis
Joan Gellatly
Linda Greene
Rowena Matthews
Darlene Smyth
Michael Skinner
Carol Tepper

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